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Quality Assurance and Automation

Quality Assurance and Automation

What we do

Well-structured testing has always been a critical part of any company. When planning product development, it is essential to focus on the different test phases following the project's complexity. At Bluepes, we use the latest approaches, and technical expertise to provide intelligent testing and automation services with maximum efficiency.

Automated Testing

Implementing a robust automation testing solution is a perfect way to avoid a lot of bugs, constant rework, and delayed releases. Bluepes QA team provides end-to-end automated testing that includes regression tests, repeated execution, load, and performance. Due to strong expertise and practical knowledge, our specialists know how to work with a wide range of automation tools to ensure the software quality on every level.

Functional Testing

Functional testing is a crucial element for increasing the quality of your software system. Using this type of testing, we check each part of the product to be sure it works as it is initially thought. In addition to it, we also verify whether it performs its functions and how it behaves at different conditions. Our passionate team of testers has extensive experience and skills to conduct functional testing as part of the quality assurance of your project.

Manual Testing

Being one of the most well-known software approaches, manual testing hasn't lost its popularity in today's digital world. At Bluepes we offer a full spectrum of manual testing to verify the quality of your product and provide reliable solutions. We are ready to apply our considerable experience to help you get the best result.

Performance Testing

Performance testing allows evaluating the level of product performance, scalability, and stability. Due to the excellent knowledge base and skills, Bluepes experts know how to test the resilience of your product, optimize the responsiveness of it, and create a particular plan for future development through reliable performance testing.

Our goal is your quality

Each software product needs to have not only interesting and useful features but also and high quality. Today it helps to achieve not only the desired success but also improve stability. Our main goal is to provide a product that delivers exceptional, error-free customer experience. Bluepes QA engineers use time-proven methodologies and best practices to ensure you with the best results and uncompromised quality output.

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