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Software Development Outsourcing
Software Development Outsourcing

With headquarters in Madrid and development centers in Ukraine, Poland, and Germany, Bluepes provides custom software development solutions and opens the door to the largest talent pool in Europe. Your team is hand-picked from a combination of in-house developers and external resources, helping you access new expertise, meet the specific technology challenges of your project, and considerably reducing the time to start.

We give great importance to having the appropriate outsourcing model and streamlined business processes in place. Our team offers flexibility and transparency of every work process and ensures you with the most suitable solution to your business problem. From the initial set up to the day-to-day management, Bluepes provides the competitive edge your business seeks.

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Product Development
Product Development

With long-established experience building modern and sustainable custom software solutions, Bluepes is your best partner to validate, design, develop, and launch your innovative ideas.

Our familiarity with modern methodologies and a result-oriented mindset allow our teams to address specific challenges and tailor solutions to the client’s needs with innovation in mind.

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Business Intelligence and Data Analytics
Business Intelligence and Data Analytics

In the digital economy, the way you collect, process, analyze, and store your data defines the future of your business. At Bluepes, we’ve been incorporating Big Data and Analytics into various end-to-end BI and decision-making projects for years. We believe in delivering efficiencies and analytics innovation. Our team specializes in consulting, data visualization, custom reporting, data health, and BI testing.

With the help of the latest technology, our team sees the real impact of data and transforms it into actionable insights. We can evaluate the current state of your system, help you draft the optimal BI strategy, and define the must-have stages to facilitate successful implementation.

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Software Product Development for MasMovil Group!
  • Telecommunications
  • DDT
  • Outsourcing
Software Product Development for MasMovil Group!
The MASMOVIL Group is the fourth largest telecommunications operator in Spain that offers fixed-line, mobile, and internet services to residential customers, businesses and operators, through its main brands: Yoigo, MÁSMÓVIL, Pepephone, Llamaya, and Lebara.
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Software Development for æternity Blockchain Platform
  • Blockchain
  • Outsourcing
  • Product management
Software Development for æternity Blockchain Platform
æternity is a scalable blockchain platform that enables high-speed transacting, purely-functional smart contracts, and decentralized oracles. Our team delivered the production-ready version of SDK and helped the customer to achieve their goals and improve the performance of the project.
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FinTech Solution Development for Bank of Jordan
  • Software Development
  • Project Management
  • SDK Development
FinTech Solution Development for Bank of Jordan
With a rich national heritage and identity, Ahli Bank is one of the Kingdom's leading banking institutions. By leveraging the extensive experience and in-depth knowledge in financial operations, our team helped the customer to improve the security level of the app and delivered a turnkey solution with an integrated security framework.
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As one of the company's core values, Bluepes invests heavily in education for the employees. This helped us build a strong team of senior Java developers and attract the industry’s top talent.

Having developed large-scale enterprise projects, Bluepes teams have extensive experience automating business processes and complex architectures with .Net Frameworks and Azure Cloud Services.

Bluepes was among the early-adopters of frameworks like Node.js, React, Vue.js and React Native, helping us gain a competitive edge in the marketplace in terms of the skills and talent acquisition.

Companies with streamlined DevOps process, commit code 30 times more frequently, and 50 percent fewer deployments fails. Bluepes offers dedicated DevOps experts who adapt to the project's real needs.

Since 2015 Bluepes understood the potential of Blockchain having close collaboration with big players in the market and partnering with international associations.

At Bluepes we know how to work with raw data and get it to deliver results for a business through data engineering, machine learning, and data modeling.

Computer Vision

Computer Vision (CV) is a cutting-edge topic of Artificial Intelligence. The goal of CV is to extract information from digital images or videos. This information may be camera position, object detection and recognition, grouping searching image content. The extraction of information is a big challenge in practice that requires combining of programming, modeling, and mathematics. The interest on the Computer Vision raised among scholars in 60’s. In those days, researchers worked on extracting 3D information from 2D images. Despite this, imperfect computing capacity and small isolated groups…

Predictive Analytics Workflow

Many companies use predictive models in their activity to provide better customer service, to sell more products and services to customers, to manage risk from fraudulent activity, to better plan the use of their human resources, etc. How the predictive analysis provides all these opportunities? In this article we will consider the process of predictive analytics. The starting point in your analysis is determining the goal of the project. The clear set task is important in implementing correct predictive analytics methodology and in choosing necessary data sets. The next step is to collect…

Predictive Analysis in Business

Making decisions in business quite often is based on assumptions about the future. There is a steady aspiration of companies to develop and deploy an effective process to understand trends and relationships in their activity in order to gain forward-looking insight to drive business decisions and actions. This is called predictive analytics. We can define the predictive analytics as the process that uses data and a set of sophisticated analytic tools to develop models and estimations of the environment behavior in the future. In predictive analysis, the first step is to collect data. Depending…

How Can Data Science Help My Organization?

Nowadays, there is a tendency to hire data scientists or even to form data science groups in companies. And this is true not only for specific activity sectors or for large organizations. Small and midsize business more and more involves data scientists work to get actionable insights from collected information. So, how data helps to run and grow everyday business? There are several areas where collected data and the insights draw from that data can have a significant impact on business. Improved Decision Making. Analysis of the customer’s behavior and personal data, its feedback give…