Software Development Outsourcing

Need qualified software developers for a project?

Bluepes has a highly experienced team of mobile, UI/UX, front-end, and back-end specialists to help. We form dedicated teams that can smoothly and efficiently integrate into your existing business or technological environments. Our goal is to offer flexibility and transparency of each project management process.

Why Outsource?

Today many businesses outsource marketing, advertisement, legal and even accounting – why not software development? Our software development outsourcing allows companies to tap into our specialists either temporarily or ongoing. We provide ready-to-go development teams who can go ahead with your project immediately, so you won’t waste any time on recruiting and hiring.

Bluepes Software Development Expertise

At Bluepes, we help turn your ideas into reality. Our skilled team of project managers, designers, and developers will guide you through the entire process of designing a software product. We use innovative solutions powered by various modern technologies and incorporate emerging trends to help businesses transform and grow.
Together, we can create the solutions you need to future-proof your business and help you thrive and survive in a rapidly changing tech-driven world.

Modern Technologies

Bluepes is 100% focused on the clients. Based on your requirements and needs, we'll make the right stack for your business.

Dedicated Development Team

We provide dedicated development teams with extensive tech expertise within different business areas.

Agile Project Management

At Bluepes, we follow the Agile method to provide quick practical expertise on any services and be on the same page with the client's team.

Permanent partnership

Our team provides product support and improvements at any required level, and most of our clients are our continued partners.

Benefits of Software Outsourcing

Cost reduction

Outsourcing allows not only hiring rare professionals but also cutting business expenditures drastically. Although software development is cheaper in Ukraine, you don't need to pay overhead or office rent - it's on a vendor.

Team Scalability

Outsourcing is fully customizable. You can easily add other developers to create the project faster or reduce a team size when needed.

Less workload

Increase the loyalty of your employees by reducing their workload. Instead of assigned tasks to them, you can divide it between the in-house and remote teams.


Don't want to build the in-house IT department? Delegate tech tasks to a vendor and keep your business adaptable to market changes.

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Why Choose Bluepes Software Company?

Our team combines a passion for innovation, cutting-edge technologies, and well-based business processes to turn the clients’ most challenging ideas into reality with high efficiency.

Qualified IT specialists

Today we have a great variety of talented, data-driven software engineers who provide development of efficient software solutions tailored to our clients’ business goals.

Good Command of English

Bluepes specialists are fluent in English. Even though our team doesn’t claim to sound like native speakers, their accent is clear and easily understandable.


The high quality of the product is our priority. We offer a team of quality assurance specialists who will take care of the project on every development stage.

Cost Reduction

Outsourcing software development services provided by Bluepes cover extra expenses on the infrastructure, office, salary, and training.

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