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Blockchain Outsourcing

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Only a few years ago, Blockchain entered the scene as revolutionized technology that was changing the world with the new standard in data and value exchange. It provides us with a decentralized, distributed platform that ensures assurance, security, and data protection for commercial transactions of digital and physical assets. Based on our expertise and knowledge, the Bluepes team helps our customers to use the business efficiency and security through our reliable blockchain-based solutions.

Enterprise Blockchain

Blockchain is a versatile technology that offers many benefits to various industries and businesses. Even though its solutions provide security and automation that are essential for many industries, companies still have issues using this technology. At Blues, we offer a wide range of blockchain development services and help our clients to get a competitive edge through the power of smart contracts, decentralized apps, and digital indicators.

Asset Tokenization

Asset tokenization is the process of representing rights to various assets into a digital token on a Blockchain. Bluepes team provides a wide range of tokenization services to help our clients to tokenize any financial asset in a secure and controlled way.

Crypto Payment Integration

Most companies around the world are aimed to accept payment in cryptocurrency because it is safe, secure, and inexpensive. Our company strives to help businesses to build and integrate crypto payment processing and provide them with the opportunity to get cryptocurrency payments from their customers all over the world.

Blockchain Training and Consulting

Staying immune to the hype ourselves, Bluepes specialists have extensive experience to provide a wide range of blockchain consulting and training services: from business requirements analysis and system architecture design to options for integration with customers' systems and building a proper migration strategy. Tap into the knowledge of our team to make the most of this powerful technology.

Crowdfunding & ICO

Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is a perfect way for companies and startups to raise funds or capital through cryptocurrency. At Bluepes, we offer ICO ideation, development, execution, and ICO marketing services. Our experience allows us to provide optimized, stable ICO solutions based on client requirements.

DApp Development

Using the same product development experience that brought great results for customers from startups to big enterprises, we help clients leverage the potential of blockchain technology. From smart contracts to decentralized apps, our DApp Development specialists can help businesses stay on the competitive edge in the modern decentralized world.

Explore the Blockchain opportunities with Bluepes

Blockchain is not only about cryptocurrency, but it's also a cutting-edge technology that changes our lives in almost every sphere and offers substantial benefits and features. Based on deep understanding and our extensive experience in blockchain technology, we help clients to improve security, achieve scalability, and increase the transparency of their business processes. Our development team knows how to bring your blockchain business idea into a powerful reality.

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