Software Development for æternity Blockchain Platform


Berlin, Germany


Blockchain, DLT, Cryptocurrency, Fintech, Opensource


Blockchain, DLT, Smart Contract, Dapps(decentralized application), JS, Vue, Cryptography

Team Size

2 people


Software Development, Product management, Blockchain technology

æternity is a public, open-source blockchain protocol that enables a platform for next-generation decentralized applications and high scalability. Its core components are written in the functional programming language Erlang, and its smart contracts are also functional.


Product Development for Aeternity Blockchain

Project Goals

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Bluepes Solutions for Aeternity Blockchain

Since the platform features SDKs in Javascript, GO, Phyton, Java, as well as a middleware and a development suite that streamline smart contract development, Bluepes gathered the team of skilled specialists to build and design new software development kit (SDK) and infrastructure around Dapps (use cases and demo), for æternity platform.

Dapps is an open-source software platform implemented on decentralized blockchains and is fueled using tokens, which are generated using a protocol/algorithm.

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Also, Bluepes development team took part in discussing a new Smart Contract language called “Sophia,” an Ocaml-like language with syntax, mostly resembling that of Reason. It is compiled to æternity’s high-level virtual machine called FTWVM (Functional Typed Warded Virtual Machine). The language is used in system-level programming, or in other words – more complex applications. We implemented the API that makes it easy to transform JS types to Sophia (like a little part of a compiler).

Sophia was created to efficiently utilize the potentials of the æternity protocol. Some features of conventional languages, such as floating-point arithmetics, for example, are not present, while some blockchain-specific primitives, constructions, and types have been added.

Following the customer's requirements and needs, Bluepes prepared the whole project architecture, implemented the crucial features, made releases, and supported the company community (forum, chat, GitHub).

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Bluepes team has established effective communication with the client and cooperated on various parts of its platform functionality. We delivered the production-ready version of SDK, protocol implementation, and middleman between Aeternity Blockchain technology and developers, who strive to build a decentralized application. Also, our team successfully implemented the other essential features required by the customer that guarantee the smooth performance of the platform.

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