FinTech Solution Development for Bank of Jordan




React-Native, iOS SDK, Android SDK, Cocoapods, Gradle

Team Size

2 people


SDK Development, Application Development, Hybrid Mobile Application


Finance, E-banking

Ahli Bank is one of the Kingdom’s leading banking institutions. The company caters to numerous segments of the market, meeting a diverse range of banking needs and requirements through a wide array of specialized products and services. The bank provides the highest level of customer care and satisfaction.


Software Development Outsourcing for Ahli Bank

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Reliable Solutions by Bluepes Development Team

The cooperation between the Bluepes and Ahli Bank started with the analysis of the original architecture of the solution. Our specialists gave valuable input about the possible improvements in the development process and thus earned the trust of the customer.

We gathered a strong team of engineers with substantial experience in React-native, iOS SDK, Android SDK, Cocoapods, Gradle. Established development flow and communication channels ensured smooth collaboration among all team members.

bank of jordan project 1

The Bluepes engineers implemented the integrated security framework to ensure full data compatibility and the company target app according to the client's requirements. To complement the app, we added additional security levels that provide safe scanning personal id cards and secure access to the users' accounts. Also, in cooperation with the client, our team found the most rational solution and helped to resolve an issue with the on-fly app language switch. Regular code reviews by Bluepes Team Lead boosted the development pace and promoted a timely, stable release.


Our software development team was able to meet the customer's expectations and complete all the tasks. The specialists ensured the highest quality of the technology and eliminated all the critical issues.

Bluepes developers' vast expertise in the fintech area and in-depth knowledge of financial operations allowed us to ensure the highest security of the app. As a result, our team delivered a working product with an integrated security framework. Now every user of the Ahli Bank app gets more secure access to their accounts through the new verification system.

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