Software Product Development for MasMovil Group!


Spain, Ukraine

Team Size

15 people


High Load Systems, CRM, Cloud Solutions, DevOps




Scala, Java, JavaScript, React, GCP

MASMOVIL Group is the fourth largest telecommunications operator in Spain, serving more than 8 million clients via its key brands: Yoigo, Pepephone, MASMOVIL, Llamaya and Lebara Sain. The company provides fixed-line, mobile, and internet services to residential customers, businesses, and operators.


Bluepes & MASMOVIL

Project Goals

  • Extend the Microservices Architecture to integrate the new User Interface with several new products and the core back-office.
  • Create a robust and secure infrastructure with continuous integration, replication, and monitoring.
  • Integration of the Java apps with Maven, Docker, and CircleCI.
  • Multi-cloud strategy evaluation.
  • Application deployment to Kubernetes with Helm Architecture.
  • Full-cycle development of the new UI with React.
  • Development of UI with JavaScript (React).
  • Improving performance and extending the core app with Scala.
  • Unification and simplification of the Content Management System with several third-party tools.

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The Solution: One-Stop IT Outsourcing

The main target for Bluepes was to ensure a working environment where different teams can easily integrate ensuring a good communication flow and minimizing the impact on the in-house teams. The key to the success of the project was to be able to provide a wide range of services with proven quality and ensure access to an adequate talent pool for MasMovil needs.

Bluepes established a close collaboration and management with a mix of on-site off-site schedule between Madrid, Ukraine, and Finland. The main development center was selected in Lviv, Ukraine, due to the flight connections with MasMovil offices in Madrid, and the quality, expertise and pool size of the engineers in the area.

masmovil project 1

Bluepes Dedicated Development Teams

Bluepes started with a first strong DevOps dedicated team, combining an on-site off-site structure. The DevOps team evaluated the current cloud infrastructure and helped on a new application deployment system using Kubernetes under Helm Architecture:

masmovil project 2

The core product team included a combination of Java, React and NodeJS developers working closely with the UX in-house team to modernize and extend the CRM, giving visibility of all the customers across the different brands, simplifying the contract storage, invoicing process and allowing customer profiling and cross-selling.

The final product takes advantage of the mircro-service architecture to provide different flavors on the front end a more reliable back-end with a state of the art CI/CS system. The team used tools like Java Spring WebFlux, vert.x, Maven, Docker, and CircleCI

masmovil project 3

The third team worked directly with QVantel supporting the MasMovil billing platform. The main goal was to integrate with the Finnish team improving the delivery output and helping to improve the general performance. This team was built with high skilled Scala developers, working in different areas like 3G/4G billing with prepaid and postpaid coverages.

masmovil project 4


All in all, our team quickly established healthy communication with client specialists, which contributed to the success of our further cooperation. It took a few weeks to build strong relationships with the MASMOVIL Group. Bluepes specialists suggested all the necessary changes and solutions and helped to build two desired systems that help manage customer relationships more efficiently. Now, they are successfully used by Masmovil employees.

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Product Development

Product Development

Bluepes product development teams consist of skilled professionals who combine coding best-practices and the latest methodologies to create smart software solutions for complex business problems. We custom-tailor our approach to each new project in order to properly address the specific challenges and come up with optimal solutions. We make it our goal to find the right way forward for our clients through the full cycle of product development is our priority. Bluepes engineers and developers approach projects from different sectors and industries with a broad-based, analytical mindset. This framework helps us define the parameters of success for every project at the beginning, which is critical in software development. The understanding and professional trust between our clients and the Product Development team helps us build lasting and fulfilling relationships with our clients. This, in turn, helps us provide an experience that consistently enriches the end-user and a product that evolves with the business model for which it was built.